Robot as a Service

m19robot is designed to help
brands thrive on the leading
e-commerce players
of this world


Thanks to a streamlined user interface, m19robot simplifies media buying on the leading e-commerce sites, optimizing visibility and profitability on behalf of the brand.


Out of a given scenario selected by the brand, be it depleting stocks, launching a product or accelerating sales, m19robot will carry out and execute that strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

m19robot uses artificial intelligence to run search marketing and display ads, leveraging both retail and media data sources.

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine capable of autonomously carrying out a series of actions.
As such, m19robot shares the core characteristics of a robot, such as:
  • 1. Processing: m19robot is all about artificial intelligence, drawing from vast amounts of Retail and Media data to recommend and develop an optimal course of action for any given ad campaign on Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce players.

  • 2. Sensing: by constantly monitoring its environment, the robot detects any changes, unexpected events, and identifies patterns associated with success/failure. Thanks to machine learning, m19robot is fully able to adapt ad bidding in real time and continuously improve its performance over time.

  • 3. Community Learning: m19robot is a “Robot as a Service”; it instantaneously shares its learnings from different campaigns and scenarios, based on similar hurdles experienced, and further optimizes performance for the whole m19 community of brands.

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