The Smartest Amazon PPC tool to grow profit on Amazon Ads

Amazon keyword tool, campaign creation, ppc optimization: leave it all to our AI, your new ppc specialist. It does the job harder, better, faster than manual campaign monitoring or rule-based softwares.

PPC management made easy with a 100% AI-powered Amazon advertising software

Selling on Amazon is challenging. m19 aims at facilitating the legwork with its first-class AI for ppc management.

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1. Data Exploration

Once you set up an account, our algorithm starts to explore your historical data and analyze your former performance on Amazon ads.

Based on your objectives, it creates campaigns and multiplies the ASIN/keyword pairs to saturate your product landscape (multiply by 8 your number of amazon keywords).

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2 & 3. Prediction and Competition

Once our algorithm is finished exploring your historical data, it starts daily prediction of the conversion, clicks, and impressions for each ASIN/keyword pair.

Each bid is then adapted to the competition every day.

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4. Piloting

The algorithm sets the best bid for each ASIN/keyword pair to win the auction competition while reaching your goal and ACOS target.

The entire machine learning process will be repeated once a day based on our feedback loop's result, to improve on each day's situation and to achieve your goals.

We all know,


Save massive time and decrease costs with our automation software.

Define your business goals and ASIN groups, then let the PPC algorithm create tailor-made campaigns.For each campaign, you can define a cost target that the algorithm will take as an objective (ACoS Amazon).


Concise and clear performance board.

All the analytics you need in one place, made simple.Amazon sponsored sales, orders, cost, ACOS, ROAS, conversion rate, CPC, ASIN performance... Monitor your KPIs easily, in real-time.m19's Ai-powered Amazon PPC solution enable you to focus on PPC strategy and cost cutting. Let the algorithm do the legwork.


Brand Protection & Amazon Competition.

Add tactics to your campaigns and guide the AI toward your goals. With tactics, you can protect your brand on Amazon or counter competition. Choose the keywords and ASINs you want to secure, the level of intensity of your tactic, and let the AI adjust the bids accordingly.


Analyse your PPC performace by all metrics

Advanced All in One Analytics including Amazon Sales & Advertising advanced analytics, Profit Analytics, Search term analytics, and Inventory analytics.Free Amazon keyword tool: Our Amazon Search Term report is probably the best way to choose keywords for ppc.


Go to our experts when needed & Powerful knowledge base.

Our experts are always here to provide optimization advice for using our Amazon PPC software and answer all of your technical questions.We want our clients to sell on Amazon successfully with a compelling PPC strategy.

Every feature, even the newest, is referenced in our help center for you to master Amazon ads.


Get fully proficient with our Amazon ppc tool by exploring it with our salesperson.


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