How did Blédina boost its sales on Amazon

iProspect' strategic expertise X m19's artificial intelligence for Blédina

(Co-edition iProspect/m19)


Organic Sales: +80%
Clicks: +214%
Sponsored Sales: x2.9
ACOS: -33%


Amazon is becoming a key distributor in the “BabyFood” category. Regular home delivery of baby products is a huge relief to young parents. Faced with increasingly strong competition on Amazon, Blédina needs to develop awareness and to maintain profitability.


In order to seek volume, performance and profitability with a systematic approach, Blédina and iProspect have integrated m19 technology into their plan. m19 is an AI-powered technology which enables teams to control and increase sales on Amazon Sponsored Ads. This AI is deployed through 4 simultaneous actions: keywords generation, conversion rates prediction, competition evaluation and ROI control.


Blédina and iProspect have defined several commercial strategies on Amazon: conquest, attack, brand protection... A group of products and a profitability objective have been associated with each strategy. m19's AI algorithms achieved Blédina's goals in less than 10 days.

"The implementation of m19’s Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our partnership with iProspect has enabled us to be more offensive: reaching our targets, increasing growth, controlling our advertising costs. The objective now is to rely on these elements to accelerate the growth of Blédina on Amazon." - XAVIER HANGARD, E-commerce manager at DANONE

“Today, m19 technology allows me to benefit from the power of a search algorithm increasing sales volumes and improving the visibility of sponsored products on related and relevant searches. We can try to saturate thezsemantic field of each branded product in order to achieve our targets while respecting a level of profitability set upstream. In addition, building strategies by product while letting the algorithm works is a real time saver via a very easy-to-use interface." -PAULINE GERMAIN, Retail Media Manager at iProspect

iProspect & m19

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May 24, 2022
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