Top of Search Rankings Optimizer

Stop paying for what works perfectly well organically

Avoid bidding on ASINs with high organic rank, ensure the best allocation of your advertising budget.
Improve margin and profit and multiply chances to get more sales.

Improve margin and profit

Smart budget management: Modulate bids on a keyword according to the organic position of your ASIN.

Better allocation of your budget

The only tool in the market that avoids cannibalization of your organic sales with your sponsored sales.

Boost less popular products

Allocate more budget for your less performing products without asking for an extra penny.

Reach top of search on Amazon
5 stars reviews

"The best algorithm in the market + super strong team"

Etienne A

Small-Business Owner

5 stars reviews

"A brilliant software! Our sales had at least doubled in the first year after using the software!"

Sisi Wu

Based in UK

5 stars reviews

"M19 has been a fantastic tool! We've seen great growth, and M19 hits our ACOS targets nearly exactly. Highly recommend."

Sarah Velten

Based in US

5 stars reviews

“A high-performance tool!
M19 has saved me a lot of time in managing the PPC."


Based in Egypt

5 stars reviews

“The least I can say is that m19 saved us hours and hours of data analysis, set-up and relevant keywords research."

Mara Canivet

Based in France

SEO-based bidding advertising

m19 is the only Amazon tool enabling advertisers to avoid spending money when their products already rank high in search results.

Reach for Top of Search... then what?

Advertising doesn't stop when reaching the top of search position

m19 top of search feature

Strategies for advanced campaign management

Enable Top of Search Rankings Optimizer if you prefer the AI to ignore products that are already in the organic top of search results.

Top of Search Rankings Optimizer modulates the bids on a keyword according to the organic position of your ASIN. Avoid cannibalization of your organic sales with sponsored sales.

Get more products listed above the fold

Allocate more budget to less performing products

If you rank top of search organically, chance are low that sponsoring that product will make a difference in your conversion rate and sales.

Turn our smart bidding feature into an opportunity and advertise another product from the same category instead: more chances to sell, to acquire new clients and to be more visible than your competitors.

Follow your ranking with accurate data

Improve profit and beat competition

With its ON/OFF button, Top of Search Rankings Optimizer is super simple to configure. You can choose to enable it at the keyword level.

Combine it with our Keyword Tracker and choose on which keywords you want to boost visibility. Take advantage on your competitors.

Improve profit and margins, focus on optimizing for conversions in the "rest of search" placements: a smart bidding option you can't ignore in a successful advertising campaign.

Learn more about it

Request a demo and get to talk with a m19 expert. He will show you the Top of Search Rankings Optimizer capabilities and discuss a relevant strategy for your business.

Top of Search Rankings Optimizer is only available via the Growth, Professional and Enterprise plans.

They got a head start on Amazon advertising with m19

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Analyse your PPC performace by all metrics

Improve your business performance on Amazon with our end-to-end platform. Analyse and monitor your Amazon Advertising campaigns with our powerful PPC optimization tool.

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What our customers say about us

Comments from Alès Group, Pranarôm, Danone, and Umami.

We were able to run our business with confidence. We found a system that is working in our favor.

François Hourcastagnou

CEO at Alès Group

The implementation of m19’s Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our partnership with iProspect has enabled us to be more offensive: reaching our targets, increasing growth, controlling our advertising costs. The objective now is to rely on these elements to accelerate the growth of Blédina on Amazon.

Xavier Hangard

E-commerce manager at DANONE

The least I can say is that m19 saved us hours and hours of data analysis, set-up and relevant keywords research. The time that m19 saved us is invaluable and the icing on the cake is that it’s really easy to use!

Mara Canivet

Digital Marketing Manager at Pranarôm

Thanks to m19's algorithms, I could tackle the geo-expansion of my product. I kept the same team, languages were not a problem, and the results I got were outstanding!.

Etienne Ameil

Founder of Umami