Nutrition & Santé is taking off its Amazon sales in 2023


Average CPC: Reduced by 3

Total Sales: +100% YoY

ACoS : 14% (versus 44.5% in Q4 2022)


Nutrition & Santé, a pioneer in dietary and organic food in Europe, sells wellness, active nutrition (weight management and sports), and plant-based nutrition products. The Nutrition & Santé Nutrition & Santé group generated €418 million in revenue in 2021.
With a strong presence in supermarkets, specialized and organic stores, pharmacies, and parapharmacies, they are also expanding their visibility through e-commerce channels. They started selling on Amazon in 2021 with mixed results.

At the end of 2022, they met with the Retail4Brands teams and shared the opportunities they identified on Amazon for the French market.

  • They already had good visibility on Amazon but wanted to significantly boost their performance while reducing their average CPC;
  • Their strategy for generic keywords was underdeveloped;
  • They aimed to revamp their approach to improve the profitability of their acquisition campaigns.


Retail4Brands and m19, partners in optimizing and managing Amazon advertising campaigns, took on the challenge.

m19 is a Machine Learning technology that allows agencies and merchants to optimize their advertising campaigns on Amazon. m19's artificial intelligence automates campaigns while testing and selecting the best strategies to achieve sales, profitability, and visibility goals on Amazon.

Retail4Brands is a young startup specializing in Retail Performance. Their mission is to assist brands on marketplaces (Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.) in increasing their sales and/or supporting them in their digital transformation.


Three main objectives to ensure Nutrition & Santé's growth:

  • Significantly improve performance on brand keywords;
  • Develop acquisition by featuring Nutrition & Santé products on more generic keywords;
  • Ensure profitability of sponsored campaigns on Amazon Ads.

To achieve these objectives, a comprehensive approach was needed.

Restructure campaigns and prioritize ASINs

With their knowledge of Amazon Ads and the market, the Retail4Brands teams began a campaign restructuring process. With the help of m19's native tools, they obtained valuable information about the market and the potential of each product. This involved better categorizing products based on their type and priority to give each ASIN in the catalog a chance.

Find more high-potential keywords

m19 provided its keyword exploration capabilities to identify the most high-performing keywords, including those unknown to the brand but with strong sales potential.

Before using m19's tool, Nutrition & Santé's targeted keyword list was limited. With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, the teams had the opportunity to identify and test a thousand additional keywords. The list of high-potential keywords for Nutrition & Santé expanded significantly, both for brand and generic keywords. 

Manage sponsorship with profitability in mind

m19's strength lies in its artificial intelligence. Once the keywords were identified and the target ACoS was set, the algorithm adjusted bids based on desired performance and observed competition levels.

Guided by Retail4Brands' teams, this AI worked toward achieving Nutrition & Santé's business objectives: lower CPCs for brand keywords, increased presence and sales for generic keywords, and improved profitability.

Invest time wisely: Less operational work, more incremental growth

Leveraging their understanding of the m19 platform, Retail4Brands teams quickly implemented their visibility and acquisition strategies on Amazon Ads. By subsequently automating operational and repetitive tasks and relying on m19's provided analyses, Retail4Brands freed up more time and resources to fine-tune their strategy and seek further performance and growth.

m19's machine learning capacity to handle large volumes of data and catalogs with multiple ASINs allowed Retail4Brands to spend less time on operations and reporting.


The alliance of m19 technology and Retail4Brands' experience was a success from day two of sponsorship launch.
By J+2, average CPCs dropped from €1.37 to €0.45, and ROAS increased by 75%. The ROAS was an average of 4 in 2022 but reached around 7 at the campaign's launch.

Retail4Brands guided the AI to make necessary optimizations and achieve a satisfactory spending level.

After one month of management in February 2023, Nutrition & Santé achieved a 60% increase in sales thanks to the media. Today, the brand has significantly increased its sales on Amazon, and the lever has become an essential pillar to support Nutrition & Santé's growth.

The ACoS (Cost of Sales) for the client dropped from 44.5% in Q4 2022 to 14% in Q1 2023.

“Since Retail 4 Brands and m19 took over our advertising account, our Amazon Ads activity has been completely transformed.

By carefully respecting existing performance and avoiding the cannibalization trap, we have seen remarkable improvements in our performance.

It is thanks to this strategic and harmonious approach that we have achieved significant incremental growth, demonstrating the effectiveness and tangible impact of Retail 4 Brands and m19's management on our business."

- Charlotte RICHER, Head of E-Commerce & Digital at Nutrition & Santé


In France, the Retail4Brands teams continue to seek perfection in the campaign by incorporating strategies related to product seasonality and new product launches.

Photo and graphs credits: Nutrition & Santé, m19

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September 28, 2023
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