Search trends repot, bulk import and export, inventory

Search trend report

The search trend reports have evolved!

You still can compare search terms in terms of **search frequency rate**. Now, you can compare them in terms of **monthly volume 📅**

Amazon provides us with the search frequency rate at a daily level. We can not compute the data on a weekly or monthly basis because we do not have the data required.

Based on the search frequency rate, we estimate the monthly volume. We are working on improving this estimation.

Seed and blacklist bulk import and export

The seed and blacklist feature allows you to force or forbid the algorithm to bid on specific keywords and products.

You used to go in the [catalogue](, look for the ASIN you want to set and add keywords and product yourself

Now, you can import and export these seeds and blacklist keywords and products directly from the catalogue

Here is how you can import seed keywords:

1. Export the seed keywords from the catalogue
2. Modify the content of the file on excel, google sheet or any other software
3. If you use Excel or Google Sheets, you can copy and paste the cells into the list. Otherwise, you can import a CSV file

Beware, the import replaces your current seed and blacklist keywords. Make sure to keep the current keywords you still want to use in the copy-pasted cells or the CSV.

Inventory for sellers

Amazon automatically pauses your sponsored product campaigns when an ASIN is out of stock. Based on the inventory level and the sponsored orders predicted, the inventory suggests you pause specific ASINs when the stock level is low.

You will receive a notification when an ASIN has low stock to let you pause sponsored product campaigns for these ASINs

If you do pause the ASIN, you will receive a notification whenever the level of stock is high enough. You will be able to activate the ASIN back

Of course, when you look at a strategy with paused ASINs, you will get a message.

It is very important to pause these ASINs because they can have a negative impact on your future orders.

Moreover, the algorithm spots ASINs that are ineligible for sponsored product campaigns for you. It can help you understand why your sales have dropped if it is linked.

We changed the icon to filter the low-inventory ASINs, what do you think about it?

Strategy bulk import

Creating many strategies in a row used to be very painful

Just like the seed keywords, you can export and import your sponsored product and sponsored display strategies

The easiest way to do this is to:

1. Export your strategies as CSV
2. Open the CSV through Excel or Google sheet
3. Change your current strategies settings
4. Add new rows for new strategies
5. Click on “upload strategy data”
6. Copy-paste the cells in the pop or select the CSV file
7. Verify the changes and validate them

We are working on expanding this feature to sponsored brand strategies

Ticket process

Right now, you can make a request in 2 ways:

- Write to the chatbot
- Write us an e-mail

We are working on a third channel: the [ticket form](

The goal is to answer faster and deeper 👨‍💻

The questions in the form guide you so we ask you fewer questions when we read your request

The form is currently available from the [knowledge base]( through the button [need more help?]( on the top right corner.

We know it is hard to access, which is why we thought about an easier way to submit a request: the [customer portal](

The [customer portal]( is an interface where you can submit and check your requests. We think about adding a button on the board to access the customer portal, what do you think about that?

We think this customer portal could replace the 2 existing channels because it centralises all your and your team’s requests 😮

Plus, we might change the help button on the top right corner of the board. It currently pops up a little information but we think it would be better if it sent you to the help centre directly. What do you think about that?

Please, let us know if you’d like to test it before we make any decision!