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How to leverage machine learning for Amazon ads ?

1. Data Exploration

Set your business goal.
Our AI will test thousands of keywords to find the best performing ones, and identify ranking opportunities for your business.
It makes sure you don't miss a spot.

2. AI predicts and bids

Our AI will analyse thousands of data and make decisions each day. 
The algorithm elaborates a conversion prediction for each ASIN/keyword pair and adapts the bids to the competition. Every day.

3. AI adjusts everyday

A feedback loop daily adjusts each ACOS to the brand sales' goal.
You should now see performance on Amazon ads increase: best performing keywords and relevant ads working towards your success.

A full set of features designed to guide the AI

Hourly Stats

Adjust your Amazon PPC campaign on hourly level. Save wasted ads spend.

Top of Search Rankings Optimizer

Avoid bidding for products with high organic rank. SEO-based bidding management!
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Search Trend

Get insights on Amazon search term. Monitor the search trends on time.

Keyword Extraction

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Analyse products and keywords on Amazon, know your competitors and the market better.

Inventory Monitor

Monitor product stock anytime, the stock threshold makes sure you won't lose the BuyBox.

Product Timeline Events

Understand the external changes that may influence your product's performance on Amazon, such as price, review score, category...
Amazon ppc software by m19

An all-in-one platform for Amazon ppc optimization

Optimize ppc marketing and sales on Amazon using a super-sophisticated Machine Learning Powered Engine

Save Massive time with Automation

All you need to do is to set up your list of ASINs and business goals.
The AI will then execute your pay per click advertising tactically: ad campaign creation, performing keywords extraction, product targeting.

m19's Amazon ppc software gives you an opportunity to save time and focus on finding new goldmines to grow your business.
save time on your Amazon ads with automation
Grow profit on Amazon ads

Grow profit with data-driven decisions.

Our platform provides crystal-clear analytics to help monitor your main KPIs and make strategic decisions. Our goal: to turn raw data into knowledge when it comes to investing your money.
The AI's main objective is to reach and maintain your target costs, profit, visibility and more.
They succeed with our Amazon PPC automation tool

What our great customers are saying

Comments from Alès Group, Pranarôm, Danone, and Umami

We were able to run our business with confidence. We found a system that is working in our favor."

ceo at Alès group
François Hourcastagnou
CEO - Chief Executive Officer at Alès Group, USA

“The least I can say is that m19 saved us hours and hours of data analysis, set-up and relevant keywords research. The time that m19 saved us is invaluable and the icing on the cake is that it’s really easy to use!"

digital marketing manager at pranarôm
Mara Canivet
Digital Marketing Manager at Pranarôm

“The implementation of m19’s Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our partnership with iProspect has enabled us to be more offensive: reaching our targets, increasing growth, controlling our advertising costs. The objective now is to rely on these elements to accelerate the growth of Blédina on Amazon."

E-commerce manager at DANONE
Xavier Hangard
E-commerce manager at DANONE

“Thanks to m19's algorithms, I could tackle the geo-expansion of my product. I kept the same team, languages were not a problem, and the results I got were outstanding!”

founder of Umami
Etienne Ameil
Founder of Umami
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Receive the best advice on how to make money on Amazon: ppc campaign optimization, ACOS management, pay per click advertising and Amazon brand registry... and a lot more! Marketplaces and e-commerce are constantly evolving and you'll find in our blog all you need to know to make Amazon work for you.

In other words, what can m19 do with ppc optimization?

m19 provides a cutting-edge advertising ppc software to help sellers manage their Amazon ppc campaigns. Amazon advertising can be challenging when you only have basic marketing skills. That's why we created a machine learning engine that can do the work for you. 

With m19, you only have to think about your Amazon ppc strategy, and guide the AI toward your goals. The AI then acts following your instructions: create ad campaigns, collect all relevant keywords, adjust bids on a daily basis, protect your brand from competition and show you the results on an easy understanding dashboard. 
In other words, cut the operations, just think about how to sell on Amazon and most of all, how to become the best seller of your market.

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