Office Hour

Let's talk about the new features: user management, keyword extraction and search trend report improvements.

M19 invites all its clients to a one-hour meeting on Google Meet. We will present our new features, answer questions and take feedback.

Date: 2022-05-25

Time : 5 - 6 PM

Recorded : No but a summary will be available

Any question ? Feel free to ask questions in the chat

Want to talk? Please stay mute during the call not to disturb others. Feel free to write in the chat

Don’t worry if we do not cover all the topics, the remaining questions will be answered in the summary!

Features tour

User management

M19 accounts used to be tied to Amazon accounts. Now, M19 accounts are independent of Amazon. You can create an M19 account and add some Amazon accounts afterwards to aggregate many marketplaces.

We changed:

  • How you create your account
  • How you add a new marketplace
  • How you manage other users (owner, admin)

We are working on adding other roles like read-only to let a user read the stats

Keyword extraction

You can compare keywords and ASINs with one another. When you type a keyword or an ASIN, you get the ranking of similar keywords and ASINs.

Search trend report improvements

You can look for similar keywords and compare their rankings to the original keywords


Before the webinar

Why my custom images are cropped when I add some to a sponsored brand strategy?

  • When you create a sponsored brand strategy with custom images, we apply the same authorization as Amazon. Amazon crops the images once we send the image. It is better to take the picture from Amazon to make sure the image is not cropped.