Do you know that you could make money on Amazon without opening a shop? Let's have a look!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Make money without investment

If Amazon PL is for the rich, then what should a person do who has no money? There are not many rich people who can afford to start Amazon PL. So, there should be the opportunity on Amazon where one can start working without investment. Well in that scenario Amazon do provides that opportunity and the name is ‘Amazon Affiliate Marketing’. It is also called the ‘Amazon Associate Program’

What is Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Associate Program?

If you don’t have money to open a shop, no worries, Amazon offers you to become their agent and sell their products and advertise them. Amazon will pay a commission on each sale. That commission can be 2%, 8%, or 10%. The commission varies from product to product as to which category you are selling. For example, there would be different % on beauty items and if you are working on sports equipment, Amazon's commission will be different.

Amazon is a marketplace where people have shops and Amazon advertise those shops to help them sell. You are helping Amazon in advertising by giving them client and boosting their sale, and as you claim sale, Amazon will pay you a commission as a sales agent, means you have no invested money.

Your job is to select a product from thousands of products on Amazon, sell it, and earn a commission. You don’t have to maintain inventory, nor you have to purchase it, and you don’t even pay any kind of fee to Amazon. You only sale their product and get your commission for it.

Where do we do it?
When you go to they offer you to sign-up and become their associate or if you don’t find that link, go to Google and search Amazon Associate Program.

A page will open in front of you, click signup provide your credentials, make sure all is correct, nothing is fake, use your address, postal code, contact details even mobile number as you get a verification code on your mobile, you enter that code there and your account of Amazon Affiliate Marketing is created.

How Affiliate Marketing works?

As you created the affiliate account, then Amazon asks you to select the product that you want to sell. As soon as you select the product, for example, you add a keyword blue pen, whatever pen you want to sell of which you feel the sale is good, and you can sell that easily, you are the one selecting the product. After selection Amazon will give you a link, that link is in three types, one is simple text other is an image and then banner form for you to display on your website.

Now, if someone buys a product by clicking on that link, the advantage/commission against it will be automatically transferred into your account. You don’t have to tell Amazon how many sales you have done.

How to advertise?

Advertising can be done in 2-3 types. People create their websites, and blogs, and then paste the link there. Once the traffic comes and people click on them and go to Amazon to make a purchase. Since the sale is done due to that link, you get the commission.

The second option, people open their shops on Facebook, and advertise their link and promote it. Customers use those links to purchase the product, and you get the advantage/commission. Many methods are free of cost and many on which you have to invest money. For example, if you are on your shop on Facebook and it has great popularity and if you post anything, you will get traffic, in this case, you don’t need to spend any money as your product will start selling as you have already created your social profile on Facebook that is famous amongst the people, or you have managed good traffic with the help of SEO. You don’t have traffic issues, whatever you post will start selling from there.

The second thing if you don’t have a website nor have any social media page or your page does not have much following/likes. Nobody will like it even if you upload something there. For this, you use paid marketing of that link on the same page. You show your product to specific people who are interested in it. For that you need to learn ‘How to do Facebook marketing and how to run add campaigns on Facebook’? By using social media marketing skills, you advertise that link. Show the buyers that a blue pen is available. Do you want some? Whoever needs it, will buy by clicking on the link, and you will get the commission.

What are we going to sell?

We have to see what do we sell? For example, you are selling a $10 product and if Amazon pays 2% of $10, that would only be a few cents. Is that beneficial for you? Well, that $10 product could give you much more sales. On the other side, you want to sell a Sony camera, and you start selling the Sony camera list. There is a possibility of 0 sales in the first, second, and third week. But if you be able to sell 2 units in a month, there would be a substantial commission into your account.

If you sell an expensive item you will get a decent/reasonable % in that sale. It is not like you have to sell only one product. You can generate 1000 links and sell 1000 products. You will be getting a commission against each sale. If you have your website and have all kinds of traffic on it, then these multiple products will be beneficial and your chances of sale will increase.

You don’t only sell one product but all the products that come under that niche For example, if you are selling a camera or battery, the traffic coming to your website is the one that is interested in these products. A camera selling website will not sell herbal products or medicine because the client is not there to buy medicine but to buy electronics items.

Another important point is, whenever you are going to select a product, you must see which product has a promotion. Products with the promotion are pretty easy to sell because where you are advertising you will also mention discounts like a 40% flat discount. That 40% discount will attract every buyer. When buyers get to the list and see a 40% discount there as well, the chances of conversion will increase. It is easy to sell and earn commission on special promotions.

Sell some services

There are lots of subscriptions to Amazon. The benefit of selling subscriptions is that they will be renewed every month, and you will get a commission on every renewal. The camera is a one-time sale and the buyer will not buy the camera again next month. If you can sell 10-12 subscriptions it means you will be getting a commission against all these every month as those people do renew their subscriptions.


These small tips are all related to your skill and there is no need for investment. The maximum investment could be your website or the amount you spent on advertising that link. No inventory purchase, no bleeding, no ranking required, product don’t need to rank upwards from 30th to 1st page. Amazon Associate Program gives you the choice to sell a top brand product which is easy to sell it.

Taib Bilal

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February 7, 2024
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