How to Use Amazon Brand Analytics in 2024: Guide for Sellers

How to Use Amazon Brand Analytics in 2024: Guide for Sellers

"Amazon Brand analytics uses advanced information to understand each brand's unique customers" and how they can be targeted with a personalized message based on their preferences. This report analyzes the benefits of branding analysis tools. Then, it compares them with other brands to analyze their performance and identify areas of improvement to improve your strategies.

When Amazon launched its Brand Analytics tool, it marked an important milestone in e-commerce history. It's a tool that enables sellers to have a 360-degree view of their competitor's performance and improve their product sales.

The tool provides sellers with valuable insights into their customers, including data about purchase behavior, customer demographics, and much more.

This article will help you understand the critical elements of the Amazon Brand Analytic report and how we can use it for marketing your brand more effectively.

The Core Details that Help Sellers Dig Deeper

Amazon has always been a treasure trove of data for sellers. With the addition of Amazon Brand Analytics, sellers can now see how their products are performing on the essential marketplaces online.

Using Amazon Brand Analytics, sellers can track and analyze the performance of their brand and that of their competitors. In addition, the report helps to track customer buying patterns, search terms used to find products and even potential upsells available for branded products.

The report is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information about a brand's performance on Amazon. I would like to talk about so many features in the Amazon Brand Analytics report. However, there is a limit to how much we can write. Let's take a closer look at the details within the Amazon Brand Analytics section.

Amazon Search Terms

This report shows the search terms that customers use to find your product. It is excellent for analyzing customer behavior and understanding what keywords produce conversions. The number next to each term indicates how many times that specific keyword search in recent weeks.

Market Basket Analysis

This report helps you to analyze customer buying patterns and gives you a glimpse of the ASINs to which you are losing sales in a way. In addition, this report shows you which products have been frequently bought together with your product. It can be beneficial when deciding upon upsells or complimentary items to include with an order.

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior

The item comparison and alternate purchase behavior Analysis compares your potential customers' purchasing behavior and your product to other ASINs in your category and displays the percentage of customers who purchased alternate or both ASINs.


The demographics section will show you your audience's gender, age group, income, education level, and household size. It also provides you with a list of their top interests.

Impressions are necessary to measure what type of product is trending among your customers. Impressions will give you an idea if your audience is interested in one kind of product or another. One of the most interesting metrics in the demographics section is the 'Genders Interests' percentage. This metric provides insight into what kind of products men and women prefer to buy on Amazon.

How to access the report?

Brand Analytics is accessible only to those enrolled in its Brand Registry program. Log in to Seller Central and go to the Reports tab to access it. Dropdown menu appears; below this tab is the option for "Brand Analytics" you need to click on that and then click on "Get Started". It will ask you to confirm your email address and provide a password used while accessing this feature. Also, note down the agreement you accept while signing up for this feature. You must read the Brand Analytic report carefully as it contains all the information about the kind of data you will access with this feature. Once confirmed, your account will verify within 24 hours; you will access the new report after that period.

How does it help?

Amazon brand analytics is an amazing feature for Private Label Sellers who have done their brand registry because it helps analyzing what search terms you should focus on to get maximum conversions. It shows the performance of your ads in terms of keywords and search terms that had the maximum clicks, impressions, and sales. It even shows how much your budget is consumed for a particular month.

Let's see how:

1. Understand How the Feature Works: Amazon Brand Analytics helps you know which of your products and keywords work the best. Take advantage of the tool by analyzing high-converting keywords for your products and find out which ASINs are getting the most number of clicks on search results.

2. Increasing your advertising budget wisely: With brand analytics, sellers, including those who are beginners at advertising, have been able to increase their ad spend by wisely allocating a budget they already have. This data targets specific ASINs and boosts traffic to their product pages rather than promoting their entire product catalog like before. This data helps increase traffic and conversions since you can spend more time on specific products rather than other alternatives that don't give you a return on investment (ROI).

3. Maximize your sales with Keyword Report: It implements a comprehensive keyword report that lets you decide which search terms to bid on and how much you are willing to spend each month on an ASIN. Keyword Report can also help calculate your ad performance by providing the total clicks on search terms, the impressions of your paid ad, the amount you spent, the number of keywords and impressions by those keywords, and more.

4. Helps Keyword Targeting: If a specific product targets a particular niche, the product title must be clear, generating more sales. Keyword reports will allow sellers to choose their own "keywords" from the report that shows which keywords generate higher sales for each ASIN. Since keywords are directly proportional to your Amazon rankings, keyword targeting will allow advertisers to show what it needs for product ranking purposes.

How does it benefit you?

Amazon Brand Analytics helps you to optimize your product listings. It will give you insights into how your brand is perceived among Amazon customers and also help you target the most relevant customers.

The reports will be particularly valuable for brands that are still establishing their reputation on Amazon, building their business and would like to understand how to better reach out to their audience.

This feature can also be helpful for sellers who have been selling on Amazon for some time but haven't found suitable traffic sources. The report will provide a detailed analysis of the keywords that trigger customer searches and an opportunity to understand why they are searching in this way.

Things You Can Do with the Report That Will Help Your Business Growth?
It is important to understand that third-party advertising is one of the top ad networks on the internet. In addition, it has led many businesses, irrespective of their industry, to advertise on Amazon's platform. Keeping these metrics in mind, Brand Analytics helps sellers optimize their ad spending by providing insights.

Today more than a million products from over 100,000 brands are selling on Amazon. For these sellers selling on a single platform can be highly challenging, as there are so many things to keep in mind.

Every business wants to sell its products and reach out to maximum users, but doing it perfectly through a single channel will be difficult. With more than 300 million customers on the Amazon platform, any attractive product page could result in many sales. Finding out which ASINs are generating more sales and reaching customers would give merchants a better understanding of what they should do with their ads and where they should focus.


The Amazon Brand Analytic, in short, will really help in generating the desired outcome from selective ads. This is all possible because of its updated Product Performance Metrics, which were launched to help sellers check the level of successful execution for marketing activities. This can be done by comparing the initial product data and its updated details with their existing one on Amazon.


For Amazon sellers, especially for Amazon advertisers, keyword is a crucial element to create a successful campaign. Hence, we extracted the keyword extraction tab from our board, and make it accessible for everyone for free. You don't need to register and you don't need to pay anything. You could enjoy the keyword tool for free.

This keyword extraction tool is created to compare keywords’ competitiveness on Amazon. We downloaded the Amazon search frequency rank daily to compare keywords ranking over time.

The tool allows you to:

  1. type the keyword or add a new product *to compare* similar keywords and similar products based on the similarity rank
  2. add new keywords or products* to see* all the similar products and similar keywords displayed in the order of similarity rank.

The tool page is now live, enjoy!

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Taib Bilal
April 5, 2024
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