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What do you require applying for Amazon Brand Registry? How do you apply for it? And what are the advantages of having Amazon’s Brand registry?

What do you require applying for Amazon Brand Registry? How do you apply for it? And what are the advantages of having Amazon’s Brand registry? In this article we're going to go through these three questions.

What do you need? What do you have in order to apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

1. Trademark: In order to apply for Amazon Brand registry you require an active registered trademark of your brand name. It cannot be pending, and it cannot be in the process. It has to be fully registered. Usually that can take between six and nine months with the USPTO in the U.S. In the UK it's a bit quicker.

2. Images: You will need images of your brand's word mark, logo and images of your physical product and the packaging with the brand name present on it.

3. Matching Contact Details: It is recommended to have matching contact details to that on your Amazon seller central account. This can be quite a tedious thing if you don't get it right, make sure that the contact details on your seller central account are very prominent on the front page of your website.

4. E-Mail ID: Lastly an email address for your business to enroll a brand into the brand registry.

How do you apply for the Amazon Brand Registry?

There are two ways to do it.

You can just go to A-plus content. On seller central advertising, then A plus content, and you can actually enroll the brand through that procedure.

You can also search for brand registry on Google, and it will bring up the site, and you can click through it and enroll a new brand.

Now you will need to provide the trademark for that word mark. In type of trademark you're going to choose what type of trademark you actually filed for, was it the design trademark or a word mark trademark? The best way to do this is always with a word mark trademark. Very often doing the word mark in capital letters is very beneficial for protection in all forms or fonts that others might use that same word.

You're just going to drop in the trademark number, and then you're also going to choose which trademark office registered this trademark for you. Do your products have UPCs, ISBNs, EI ends or other GTI ends? Yes.

In select the categories for your products. If you sell online let us know where? This is where you can input your website. Does your brand have a present seller or vendor relation with Amazon? If you've already been selling this brand on Amazon then you can click yes and if you're a seller you select sell, if you're a vendor you choose vendor.

This helps connect brand registry with your seller central account then drop in the email address for that seller central account.

Then it comes manufacturing and licensing. Does your brand manufacture products? Yes. Does your brand distributor know? Does your brand licensed trademarks to others who manufacture products associated with your intellectual property? No, and you obviously need to answer those in accordance with. How you're running the specific brand at that time where are your brand's products manufactures? So a lot of sellers will put in China here it might be Vietnam, Pakistan other places. It might be the USA, UK put in where you actually manufacture the products for this brand. Then where are your brand's products distributed? That's going to be your marketplace so for a lot of sellers the USA some UK other European countries etc.

Then submit application and that's it, pretty simple. Now your application has been submitted they'll review it and get back to you on email. Also watch your performance notifications on Amazon, but the brand registry team might have to verify a couple of things with you. In general this will work, and then you have Amazon brand registry. You'll have access to brand registry.

What are the actual benefits you get after having Amazon Brand Registry?

1. Secure Amazon Listings: Enhanced control over your Amazon listings. More security over the buy box less losing of the buy box in situations. You also have more control over your actual listings. If you've ever had someone else change the content of your listing you know how frustrating that is and this will be more in your control.

2. Brand Counterfeiting: You also get ways in which Amazon is going to suspect violations of brand counterfeiting of your brand, but you're also able to report those violations in the brand registry area.

3. Access to Amazon Sponsored Brands ads: You're also going to get access to sponsored brands. All sellers have access to sponsored products ads but what you will get access to is something called sponsored brands ads.

4. Ability to use A+ Content: You also gain the ability to use enhanced brand content EBC but do you know this is now called A+ content, so you won't be hearing enhance brand content anymore, but those two are the same thing.

5. Amazon transparency program: What else you have in that product line you also gain the ability to apply and enroll in the Amazon transparency program this is a massive one, if you struggle with counterfeiters this is huge, this is a process where you are able to generate unique codes and like you put FNSKU's on every unit, you put these transparency program codes on every unit, and they are scannable. Because only you the brand registered seller can actually produce those you are the only one who will have access to them. So counterfeiters will not have access to that, and if Amazon receives goods at the warehouse with your brand on them, but it does not have the transparency code then they will reject those units and those units will stop and won't even make it to being available on your listing.

6. Amazon Brand Video: You get the ability to upload product videos to your listing which is absolutely huge. We all know how powerful video content is and this is really going to enable you to present your product extremely well. This is a huge advantage to have. You will have the ability to create your A plus contents or enhanced brand content and right next to that you will have the option to upload a video to your listing.

7. Access to Amazon Brand Analytics: And last but definitely not least you will have access to Amazon brand analytics which is one of the most valuable tools you will ever get access to. Getting brand analytics you're getting data exactly from Amazon and this is customer search term focused, but remember any search on Amazon is a search to buy. So searches are demand, and you can work this in multiple ways for product differentiation, keyword research.


If you're just starting out or stuck in those early stages of building up then you're going to see a lot of advantages of enrolling for Amazon’s Brand Registry. Amazon will take you more seriously once your brand is registered. You will also have the actual legal backing of that trademark but more than that you will have a lot of benefits and access to a lot of data that other sellers will not. I hope this article really helped push your business forward.

Taib Bilal

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May 16, 2022
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