Amazon PPC Guide for Beginners: How does PPC campaign work?

Amazon PPC Guide for Beginners: How does PPC campaign work?

Amazon PPC (Pay-per-Click) is the way Amazon charges for the advertising. With Amazon PPC, advertisers need to pay when the user clicks their ad. Sellers can use Amazon ads to increase brand awareness, sales, Amazon store visits, and more.

First, let’s discuss the basics of Amazon PPC: “what we have in the campaign management?”

Main vocabulary for Amazon ppc

Amazon PPC Targeting

  • Auto Targeting (By Amazon from Listing content)
  • Close
  • Loose
  • Substitutes
  • Complements
  • Manual Targeting (Choose keywords or products to target and set custom bids)

Different Targeting Methods

  • Product (Specific ASINS)
  • Keyword (Custom Keywords)

PPC Keywords Types

  • Broad
  • Phrase
  • Exact

Business goal for PPC

  • Help new product launch
  • For market dominance
  • Long-term profitability
  • Underperforming stock
  • Expanding your customer base

PPC on Amazon

Conducting PPC advertising through Amazon is mainly precious because the maximum famous seek engine, Amazon receives huge quantities of traffic and consequently provides the maximum impressions and clicks for your advertisements. How regularly your PPC advertisements seem relies upon which key phrases and in shape kinds you select. While the wide variety of things decide how a hit your PPC advertising marketing campaign will be, you could acquire lots with the aid of using focusing on:

  • Keyword Relevance: Is to recognize and seek properly about your product and centered target market in which it should be shown, having relevant key phrases and carefully tight grouped keywords
  • Landing against phrase: Landing pages with advertising keywords should display content and products that are relevant to your competitors.
  • Deliverability: The product must be delivered to every of your buyer. Your product may have many consumers, so you must reach each of your customers

Test with automatic targeting

Start with an automatic targeting campaign just like a manual campaign, except in targeting mode. This campaign is your "trial version" and therefore should be run on a minimal budget to avoid wasting money. If you choose to allow it to show for a few days or more, check the results to find the search terms that users use to show your ads. Then use these search terms in your manual targeting campaigns.

PPC keyword research

Your hard-earned money should be spent wisely, As PPC keywords are a time-consuming process, but they are the most important tool for displaying and selling your products, so choose them wisely and do thorough PPC keyword optimization Target keywords to improve search results. Don't miss out on cheap, long-tail impressionable keywords that can increase the traffic you need.

  • Relevant: (How much is each keyword associated with your seed keyword) those will lead to having a higher click-through rate CTR, successful cost per click. It means bids those keywords which genuinely represent your product.
  • Priority: Must be those keywords that have some real searched volume and relevancy (Head or body Keywords), these keywords may bleed the most causing high ACOS but eventually, turn down into sales and always keep in mind one thing jet Aero plan and passenger Aero plan are not equal in terms of speed if the product is on its maturity these keywords are the best.
  • Extensive: PPC is repetitive. We want to continually improve and extend our campaign to create an environment where our keyword list is constantly growing and adapting.

Managing your PPC campaign

When the campaign is launched always keep an eye on it better to keep it on regular because there is always an opportunity to grab more and bleed less, some are the important factors to keep in mind:

  • Extensive PPC Keyword: Expend your keywords as much as you can because the customer is always in the market you just must reach them with relevancy.
  • Negative Targeting: Negative keywords that don't come up with outputs keep them in the negative bar to improve your relevancy and reduce wasted spend.
  • Add Groups: Try to make add groups with Product Variations (loose or close matches) which can improve your CTR and make it easy to know how they are performing on different positions.
  • Costly PPC Keywords: Review expensive, under-acting key phrases or search terms and turn them off if necessary.

Reverse ASIN vs. Reverse Market Look up

Finding Keywords research topic is very easy in concepts, you just have to focus on the bigger market rather than just keeping an eye on some specific competitors. The main thing is to find customers intent and buyer language (key phrases) in the same market. Yes!! Keyword phrases and intent of buyer changes from one market to another but remains same in specific market.

So here the concept comes

Reverse Market lookup   V.S   Reverse ASIN

ASIN reverse search works like a keyword search. All-important products seek equipment to display the maximum populous KW and the very best visitors for all searchers/dealers who need to promote a selected product. Not that those are KWs which you should not be recording and editing. All you need to do is combat your tooth and nails so that you can promote with very aggressive KWs.

So now you see different KW bringing you the same product from different vendors.

But the point is, how do you find those different KWs that will eventually get you the same traffic for less and have a similar conversion rate or more than the KW competition that has bigger traffic?

This is where the idea of search marketing conversion comes into play.

ASIN resets the ASIN list, or ASIN, and assumes the lists have well-connected KW, KW gives you those lists.

ASIN tests depend on the ASIN or ASIN level. So, if you choose the wrong ASIN list at first, you may encounter inappropriate KW traffic.

On the contrary, REVERSE MARKET SEARCH is not limited to a few selected ASINs but covers all relevant market conditions and platforms and shows all the KW related to your product.

Put all the KW (true and false) in front of you, including the high ASIN keywords traffic.


Always go for Market look up rather than just staying on some specific ASINs.

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Taib Bilal‍
April 10, 2024
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