Why you need a Brand Defense Strategy for Amazon PPC?

Why you need a Brand Defense Strategy for Amazon PPC?

In the end you might end losing some clicks and traffic because your competitors are stealing your Amazon PPC sales by bidding on branded keywords.

Today, we’ll explore why you should and how to set up an effective brand defense strategy on Amazon to protect your sales. Let’s dive in right now!

What are Brand Defense Ads?

First, you need to understand what is a branded keyword.

Branded keywords in the Amazon PPC platform refer to some specific keywords that include your brand name. They can have a significant impact on your sales performance on Amazon advertising. Using branded terms in PPC campaigns can be a crucial component of a brand's marketing and advertising strategy, and it makes bidding on Amazon even funnier.

Your branded keywords are unique assets to your brand and products. If competitors bid on those keywords, they can show up in search pages when customers specifically search for your brand. It is a common strategy that competitors use to bid on your branded keywords so that their ads appear next to your products.

Slight digression: Yes, it’s a shame when you realize other fellow marketers have bid on your brand’s name. But no, you can’t do anything about this unfortunately, except entering the war as well… But bidding on a competitor’s brand name can be considered as unethical, so if you want to do it as well, make sure it’s worth fighting for.Also, make sure you are bulletproof with legal issues, and that CTRs may be low- people are willingly looking for your competitor’s products, not you.

Back to your brand defense strategy: although it’s very useful for your competitors to bid on your name, it actually steals valuable traffic and customers from you and ruins your awareness efforts. So if you don’t bid on your own brand name as well, you could lose top ranking placements to your competitors and then lose sales. Therefore, A Branded Defense strategy can help you prevent such risks.

Why do you need a Brand Defense Strategy?

As we mentioned above, running a Brand defense strategy can prevent your sales from being stolen from competitors. Here are some reasons why we recommend bidding on branded keywords and setting up Brand Defense campaigns.

Protect your Brand Identity and Presence

With brand bidding, brands can ensure that their official products are displayed prominently in search results, maintaining control over their brand identity and messaging.

Build Brand Loyalty

Consistently appearing in search results for branded keywords reinforces the brand's presence, which can lead to enhanced customer trust and loyalty. Especially, if your ads are shown at the top placements, it’s much easier for your loyal customers to locate the products. But if your competitors promote offensive ads and bid on your branded terms, there's a risk that your clients could inadvertently purchase from competitors. Over time, this situation may potentially impact their trust and brand loyalty.

Promote your Organic Ranking

Targeting branded keywords can lead to higher conversion rates and more efficient advertising spending. The increased clicks and improved ASIN conversion rates that result from bidding on branded keywords can be significantly beneficial to your organic ranking based on Amazon A10 algorithm.

How to set up a Brand Defense Strategy in m19?

So it’s crucial to expand your brand presence by setting up a brand defense tactic. Let’s break down how to set up Brand Defense strategy in m19 and improve your Amazon ads bidding strategy!

Traffic Splitting

To effectively protect your brand keywords, we will split your traffic into separate strategies for generic and branded keywords. m19 can allocate the right resources to your own products, while keeping an eye on competitors.

Safeguard Brand Identity

By using exact keyword targeting and including misspellings of brand name, we expand your audience reach. Especially if you have multiple advertising strategies at the same time, there is a chance that they might compete against each other for the same keywords and audience. By using the brand defense strategy, you can ensure that your branded traffic is not wasted on internal competition.

Blacklisting for Ads Protection

Finally, you need to be proactive in preventing self-competition among strategies. By blacklisting your branded traffic from other campaigns, we prevent unnecessary budget wastage and ensure that your resources are channeled efficiently. Blacklisting keywords and product pages related to our brand guarantees that we direct all efforts towards enhancing our brand's visibility and impact.

brand defense strategy on amazon
Brand Defense strategy in m19 platform


The significance of Amazon Brand Defense strategy should not be underestimated. Deploying brand defense strategy safeguard your market presence. Yet, executing this requires expertise. Many brands don’t realize its importance. Experts at m19 can refine your sales funnel, propelling brand recognition and sale, giving you an additional ads protection and Amazon ads best practices for your brands.

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Xuan Xie
April 15, 2024
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