How to monitor your Amazon ads during the COVID crisis?

How to monitor your Amazon ads during the COVID crisis?

So now we are fully in it. Businesses have shut down, people have been laid off. And your Amazon sales have slowed down. You really want to avoid spending useless dollars on Amazon Advertising.

If you are one of these lucky companies who are running their Amazon Ads with m19, you don’t have to worry about anything. The m19 technology allows for an easy and orderly slowdown. Here is what we’ve been advising our customers to do.

The first set of actions you’ll need to take is simplifying the structure of your strategies. Do not hesitate to revert to standard strategies when you were using advanced set ups. With a simpler structure, your adjustments will pay off faster.

Then, if you want to decrease your spend, just lower your ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) targets. Our algorithm will go after less expensive sales. As a consequence, your daily spend will decrease. Rule of thumb: divide your ACOS by 2 and your spend will be approximately divided by the same factor.

The next thing to consider is removing low inventory items from your advertising strategies. You want to avoid running out of stock, so stop advertising on these products. With m19, it’s easy: just remove these ASINs from the Product Groups included in your strategies.

You can push this logic further if you want to focus your marketing efforts on your most strategic products. With m19, narrowing the scope of advertised products is a matter of minutes. Pause all your active strategies and create a new one which contains your strategic products. Set your ACoS target and let the m19 technology runs.

For Sellers and Vendors who are not using m19 to manage their Advertising, you’ll have to use the Amazon Advertising console to perform the same tasks. Although it may be a little more complex to implement, the Amazon Advertising console offers the same features.

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Marc Appolinaire
April 5, 2024
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