6 Strategies to Crack Amazon A10 Algorithm in 2024

6 Strategies to Crack Amazon A10 Algorithm in 2024

What’s the Amazon A9 algorithm?

Amazon A9 algorithm is a system used to rank products when customers search keywords on Amazon platform. Amazon’s ranking algorithm is similar to Google’s search algorithm. Essentially, it takes into account many factors such as product relevance, sales volume, customer reviews, price etc. These factors contribute to increase your share of voice and product ranking in search results.

How did the Amazon search algorithm work?

On the Amazon platform, when users search specific keywords or phrases, Amazon will determine products to showcase the most appropriate by considering different parameters. These parameters may include factors like product title, description, customer ratings, pricing, availability, and fulfillment options etc. Also the algorithm continuously learns from customer interactions and adjusts its rankings to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results over time.

Recently Amazon algorithm was updated and redesigned to place more emphasis on the overall customer experience by presenting more relevant and high-quality products. Welcome, Amazon A10 algorithm!

In the past, you could stuff keywords to your product titles, descriptions, and bullet points, or run expensive PPC campaigns to win the ranking competition, but with the new ranking algorithm, you will realize this is not going to work as well. Because Amazon has changed the weightage held on certain parameters.

So, what should you do to “crack” this new version of the algorithm?

What’s new in A10 algorithm?

The Amazon A10 algorithm gives higher weight to organic sales, seller authority, internal sales, off-site sales, CTR (Click-through-rate) and sales history compared to the A9 algorithm. In addition, PPC campaigns may not carry the same level of significance as they did in the previous A9 algorithm, since Amazon gives more importance to organic search. But it is still important to run your PPC strategies and do advertising on amazon to achieve optimal results by allocating your budget diversely.

Now let’s talk about what’s new in these factors and how to improve Amazon search results?

1. Organic sales

Sales generated naturally through customer searches and browsing on the Amazon platform is considered as organic sales. Organic sale is a really strong factor for your Amazon SEO strategy under the A10 algorithm. Improving organic sales requires a multi-faceted effort. Amazon sellers need to improve product quality, optimize product detail pages, improve customer service, and so on.

2. Seller authority

Seller Authority is another important factor considered by Amazon A10 algorithm. It refers to the credibility of a seller on the Amazon. Seller authority is linked to product listings, Amazon buy box, ratings and other parameters related to customer experience.

Pro tips to increase your seller authority:

  • Optimize your Amazon product listing

How to optimize Amazon listing? Use high-quality and relevant images. Rather than stuffing keywords into your product detail pages, you should try to write catchy and relevant descriptions, bullet points, and titles, to attract the customer’s attention. Seller authority increases largely if you have an extensive and diverse product catalog, which offers a wide range of options to cater to customer’ needs.

  • Improve your customer service

Factors like product quality, reply to customer comments, time to deal with complaints and the overall customer satisfaction contribute to building seller authority.

  • Win the Amazon buy box

It requires competitive price products, positive seller feedback, and a high inventory level.

3. Sales history

Sales history involves the number of sales, the frequency of sales, and the consistency of sales over time. A10 algorithm aims to display products that have a high popularity and customer demand.

4. Internal sales

Internal sales are sales generated within the Amazon platform without being searched for. For example, sales generated via the” frequently bought together” section are internal sales. The internal sales will affect your product ranking.

5. Off-site traffic and sales

The off-site traffic and sales weigh more on your ranking than before. Off-site traffic can be from your own website, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, influencer collaborations, relevant ads and so on. Driving external traffic to your Amazon listings will be more effective in terms of generating sales and visibility rather than just running PPC on Amazon.

6. Click-through-rate

Click-through-rate (CTR) is the percentage of customers who click your product compared to the total number of impressions it receives. It is an important metric in amazon ads management used by A10 algorithm to determine the relevance and popularity of your product.

Pro tips for CTR:

  • Write a catchy product’s title and analyze competitor keywords
  • Give your product a competitive price
  • Use high-quality and appealing images for your products
  • Check your Product Events Timeline on the m19 board

It displays a timeline of significant events related to a product, such as promotions, discounts, or any other changes. You can understand how these changes impact your product performance and sales by A10 algorithm. For example, if your sales drop on a certain product, check the Product Events Timeline and you might see it is because you changed its price or the pictures… You can even use this feature for A/B tests and identify which one users like the most. In this way, you can improve your CTR.

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Conclusion: focus on product and customer

Overall, A9 and A10 are similar in some way. Amazon A10 algorithm optimizes the customer experience by displaying products that are more likely to meet their requirements. It is vital for Amazon sellers to prioritize customers first and offer better products and service.

By utilizing m19’s keyword tracker, you can ensure that your keyword strategies in organic and sponsored running continuous effectively by our automation tools. Sign up for your free trial here. If you need any help in the changes brought by the latest Amazon algorithm update, contact us. To ensure you identify all relevant placement opportunities, even the most surprising ones. We are your campaign manager ready to provide guidance and support to optimize for success.

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April 9, 2024
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