How Amazon PPC Software helps Scale Operations for Agencies

How Amazon PPC Software helps Scale Operations for Agencies

So today let's explore some of the common pain points agencies currently encounter in PPC ad management and how they can work with third party automation PPC software to optimize workflow.

What are the pain points agencies face in Amazon PPC management?

1. Multiple Accounts Management

Dealing with multiple accounts can be challenging. Especially when agencies work with brands expanding internationally, both organic and through M&A. They have to handle a high volume of ASINs manually. Additionally, consumer preferences, trends, and behaviors are constantly evolving. They must analyze data, identify emerging trends in target marketplace, and adapt their marketing strategies in Amazon second price auction.

2. High Complexity Reporting

As agencies manage multiple accounts and ads campaigns, generating comprehensive reports can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Each campaign is associated with a different product cluster. So one of the pain points for agencies is that they have to deal with the complex process of downloading data and re-uploading it into ERP systems and Power BI for further analysis.

3. Intensified Competition

Competition on Amazon is fierce. Over the past few years, new entrants have learned the knowledge gained from previous sellers' experiences, which gives them a competitive advantage. Furthermore, large companies are increasing their investments in Amazon ecommerce ads. As a consequence, keyword bids have risen due to the heightened competition which is a new challenge for those agencies that manage PPC campaigns.

4. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management

Managing pricing and inventory for a large number of products is a challenge. it ‘s required to have dedicated strategies to defend some top sellers positions in the market. What makes it much more complex is that Amazon FBA stock positions are dynamic on a daily basis where constant monitoring and adjustment of inventory management and pricing strategies are necessary.

the balance between the cost and resource

So having a reliable partner as a third-party PPC software can indeed be beneficial for agencies. Here are the benefits of having a PPC partner:

Benefits of Amazon PPC software include:

  • Efficiency and Time Saving
  • Automated bidding management
  • Scalability
  • Building reports
  • Reduce risks and build business

Ads Efficiency and Time Saving

The agency faces the challenge of optimizing bidding strategies and minimizing errors. Manual updates can be time-consuming and limit the ability to scale efficiently. Manage ads campaigns across different countries and at the same time adapt to local market dynamics will be tricky tasks for agencies with limited resources. In this situation, it’s better to have an efficient partner to handle a larger volume of work without increasing fixed costs.

Bidding automated management

Automated bid management in PPC software simplifies the bidding optimization for various search term types like Phrase terms, Exact search terms and products ASINs. It automatically adjusts bids for phrase match keywords based on algorithms to ensure brand’s or products’ optimal visibility. Agencies can define bid adjustment to meet specific goals like keep their budget under control or achieve their ACoS. By leveraging automated bid management, agencies save time and achieve more effective campaigns with improved ROI.

Note: If you want to know more about what is ACoS, click here to have some information

how m19's keyword exploration works

Example: Automation Bidding in m19

m19 is an Amazon PPC expert that can dynamically adjusts keyword bid for agencies, secure specific keywords and ASINs you want to secure, while defining the desired level of intensity for different tactics.

Its algorithm matches the search terms from broad match to phrase match and then to exact match, the algorithm gradually narrows down the targeting scope to ensure that ads are displayed to the most relevant audience. This process helps advertisers optimize their reach, improve ad relevance, and increase the chances of attracting clicks and conversions from users actively searching for their specific keywords.

m19 dashboard

Scalability for Business

Amazon ppc optimization tools also benefits your clients by providing them with scalable solutions. They can leverage automation tools to manage their PPC campaigns efficiently without the need to increase their own FTEs. This allows them to handle larger PPC volumes, expand their reach, and achieve their marketing goals without incurring significant additional costs.

Note: Here is more insight about how to use search term report to scale your Amazon PPC campaigns

Building PPC Ads Reports

you can gather valuable data on campaign performance, user behavior, and market trends. These insights can help you optimize your PPC strategies. Third-party tools in delivering a comprehensive overview of your ad performance and brand analytics.

Example: Insights Dashboard from Helium 10

Insights Dashboard is Helium 10’s customizable smart dashboard for e-Commerce sellers and agencies. It helps marketing agencies and Amazon sellers save time on running their business by presenting a centralized view of all the important data points and metrics. The dashboard also allows users to keep up with dynamic market changes, and achieve tangible business outcomes more efficiently. By reducing the amount of manual analysis necessary, agencies and sellers can easily increase business operation efficiency. The dashboard also provides comprehensive and personalized insights to improve business performance and help doing Amazon tracking as easily as possible.

Helium1 10 dashboard

Reducing Risks and Building Business Efficiency

For some big marketing agencies or aggregators, managing multiple accounts with over hundred campaigns with thousands ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) in the PPC advertising games can be overwhelming. To streamline operations and reduce risks, advanced PPC software solutions are invaluable.

With PPC software, agencies can centralize their campaign data, providing a clear view of performance across different accounts and ASINs. Detailed reporting and analytics make it easy for them to identify selling trends, make data-driven decisions, and maximize ACOS target. Marketing agencies have more time and resources to invest on generating creative campaign ideas, expanding reach, refining targeting strategies, and exploring new growth opportunities.

In the meanwhile, agencies can effectively reduce risks associated with PPC advertising. Through automated bid management, data-driven analytics and budget control, agencies can optimize their campaigns results and achieve greater success for their clients

Example: Merchant Spring

Merchantspring is an e-commerce platform designed to empower online merchants and help scale your businesses. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline operations, manage inventory, optimize product listings, and facilitate seamless order fulfillment. Merchantspring offers integration, linking you with multiple market channels like Amazon and eBay, allowing sellers to reach a wider customer base.

merchant spring dashboard
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Xuan Xie
April 16, 2024
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