Amazon Prime Day 2023 insight across Marketplaces

Amazon Prime Day 2023 insight across Marketplaces

Amazon Prime Day 2023 took place from July 11th to July 12th, 2023. We've compiled data from accounts in M19 platform, focusing particularly on analyzing the PPC ads performance during Amazon Prime Day in the European and North American markets.

Overview Prime Day Performance

In 2023, there was a positive trend in ACOS metric compared to Amazon Prime Day 2022. This suggests that marketers PPC strategies became more effective at generating sales while controlling ad costs.

While ACOS remained relatively stable, TACOS saw an increase post-Prime Day in 2023. Focus on refining post-Prime Day campaigns to manage advertising costs efficiently while maintaining competitive visibility.

amazon prime day overview

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North American Prime Day Performance

ACOS and TACOS metrics experienced an increase during the Prime Day period in 2023. The USA experienced a more substantial advancement in sales performance.

The Canadian market has consistently maintained an ACOS of around 30%. The cost-effectiveness of advertising was somewhat diminished in 2023.

The United States remains the predominant market during Amazon Prime Day. And as the ACOS increases relatively high, there was growth in ad sales and total sales in the US. The United States and Canada markets showed diverse Amazon PPC ACOS trends during Prime Day. Post-pandemic market trends, competition and consumer behavior are causes of this versatility.

prime day 2023 : north america

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Europe Region Prime Day Performance

Europe's market is comparatively more profitable, at least in terms of ads cost-effectiveness, compared to North American markets.

Both France and Italy observed a reduction in ACOS, indicating enhanced ad efficiency.Newer or developing markets have the capacity to optimize advertising spend and generate favorable returns.

prime day 2023 : europe

Across Europe, different countries showcased diverse Prime Day performances. Countries like The UK experienced an increase in ACOS on Amazon but slower increase in ad sales. In some European countries like Netherlands, robust post-Prime Day ad sales growth was evident

Prime day 023 : Netherlands

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Final Conclusion

There's no doubt that advertisers put in greater effort for the 2023 Prime Day. Looking ahead, advertisers will continue to seek more precise targeting and creative strategies to stand out in a competitive market.

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Xuan Xie
April 9, 2024
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