How m19 Search Trends can help brands on Amazon?

How m19 Search Trends can help brands on Amazon?

Search trends on Amazon are evolving all the time. It can have different reasons:

  • Demand change over time
  • Amazon changing the auto-complete suggestions on search bars
  • Amazon changing search terms stats reporting in Brand Analytics

m19 is providing a simple and intuitive way of exploring these trends. The data is 100% accurate and relies on amazon Brand Analytics metrics. A search term will be considered popular if the Search Frequency Rank (SFR)  is small. The smaller the SFR is, the more popular the search term will be.

Here are some examples on how the free tool provided by m19 can be used.

The right spelling

“Protein shakes” was 10 times more popular than “Protein shake” before june 2021. After this date, the trend reversed. This can be used as a valuable input to update product title and description with the most popular spelling.

Keyword comparison on amazon

Sub-category trends

While selling different products in the same category, it is important to monitor and anticipate trends. The graph below shows how the 4 protein formats have different search ranks. This should correlate to demand and potentially market size. For example, “protein powder” market should be way bigger than “protein snacks”.

sub-category trends on amazon

Popularity Drop

Monitoring main keywords global popularity ranking can help understand shifts in sales metrics. For example, a brand selling “protein powder” might expect a drop in sales because of the following drop in terms of popularity.

search term popularity drop

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Saurabh Chaturvedi
April 10, 2024
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