Iphone 11 Case: A Dramatic Change In Search Patterns

Iphone 11 Case: A Dramatic Change In Search Patterns

iPhone 11 case has long been one of the most searched for products on Amazon.com. It’s been ranked number one since the beginning of the year. And then, something happened. A deadly pandemic spread over the world, engaging all countries in a global crisis whose magnitude remains difficult to comprehend.

The story of this little iPhone case perfectly illustrates the dramatic changes we’ve seen in the consumer behaviors over the last four weeks. It has fallen to the 36th rank last week, while “n95 mask” and “hand sanitizer” were competing for the first place. With the Covid 19 crisis forcing people to stay home, the ecommerce platforms are an interesting reflection of what people have in mind.

Here is the first searched term on Amazon in the US and in European countries heavily impacted by the sanitary crisis.

Italy: mascherine (mask)

Spain: gel desinfectante manos (hand sanitiser gel)

France: gel hydroalcoolique (hand sanitiser gel)

Germany: toilettenpapier (toilet paper)

UK: hand sanitiser gel

US: toilet paper

Ironically, it seems only two countries believe shit happens.

Iphone Sales increasing again after the pandemic

As of a last update in January 2022, iPhone sales on Amazon have been consistently significant, reflecting the enduring popularity of Apple's flagship product among consumers. Amazon serves as one of the major online platforms where customers can purchase iPhones, contributing substantially to Apple's overall sales figures.

The volume of iPhone sales on Amazon can be attributed to several key factors.

A vast customer base

Firstly, Amazon's vast reach and customer base provide a massive marketplace for Apple to showcase and sell its products, including the latest iPhone models. The convenience of online shopping, coupled with Amazon's efficient delivery services, makes it an attractive choice for consumers looking to purchase iPhones.

Amazon offers competitive pricing and discounts

Furthermore, Amazon often offers competitive pricing, discounts, and deals on iPhones, especially during promotional events like Prime Day or holiday sales. These promotions not only attract existing iPhone users looking to upgrade but also entice new customers to choose Amazon as their preferred platform for purchasing Apple products.

Amazon's customer reviews help sales

Additionally, Amazon's customer reviews and ratings system play a crucial role in influencing purchasing decisions. Positive reviews and high ratings for iPhones help build trust and confidence among potential buyers, leading to increased sales volume.

A global shipping that advantages Apple

Moreover, Amazon's global presence allows iPhone sales to reach customers worldwide, expanding Apple's market reach beyond traditional retail channels. This international accessibility contributes significantly to the overall volume of iPhone sales on Amazon.

It's worth noting that while Amazon is a major sales channel for iPhones, Apple also sells iPhones through its official website, authorized retailers, carrier partners, and physical Apple Stores. However, Amazon's convenience, wide product selection, competitive pricing, and trusted reputation contribute significantly to the robust volume of iPhone sales on the platform.

In conclusion, the volume of iPhone sales on Amazon reflects the strong demand for Apple's iconic smartphones, fueled by factors such as Amazon's extensive reach, promotional strategies, positive customer feedback, and global accessibility, making it a preferred choice for millions of consumers worldwide.

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Marc Appolinaire
April 10, 2024
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