Most searches for products start on Amazon, according to a large number of publications. So we wanted to know what were the search patterns during the holiday season.

What can we learn from search patterns during the holiday?

The top 10 keywords in Q4 2019

The e-commerce platform remains the go-to destination when it comes to shopping for consumer electronics. 8 of the most searched items fall into this category. “Christmas decorations” and “Christmas tree” are the only clues indicating that the Holiday Season is coming.

What happened during Black Friday & Cyber Monday ?

Cyber Monday lives up to its name: 8 of the most searched for products are electronic items. “ipad” and “apple watch series 3” are the big movers, gaining respectively 9 and 48 positions! “iphone charger” and “airpod case” are swept out, suggesting people are searching for more valuable goods during these times of shopping frenzy.

Note that Christmas is already in the air: decorations and tree are holding their ground.

Looking to please your loved ones for Christmas

While “airpods” and “iphone 11 case” are back to the top, the clear winning search terms during Christmas are “gifts for women”, “gifts for men” and “baby yoda.” Not surprisingly people are searching for gifts during the week leading to Chritsmas. But it sounds like they do not have a clear idea of what would please their loved ones and rely heavily on Amazon to figure out the best possible gift.

Key takeaways

Brace yourselves, search trends are changing fast, especially during the Holiday season. Your search marketing campaigns will need to account for these shifts which are difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate. Daily campaign adjustments for keywords and bids is a must have at that time of year. For instance, would you have guessed that “dallas cowboys gifts for men” would have gained 1,063 positions in five weeks?


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August 19, 2022
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