Why Choose Shopify to Power Your E-Commerce Business?

Why Choose Shopify to Power Your E-Commerce Business?

The business competition is at hype in every field these days. Business owners need efficient tools to shine out their business in this competitive race. It is necessary for them to reach customers not only physically but also digitally. For this, Shopify is the most compact platform that empowers businesses and let them breed significantly. But what this platform exactly is?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps you to start your dream business and sell your products worldwide. It is a subscription-based software that is used as a store builder tool to set up an online store where you can sell a wide range of products from Home and Kitchen items to Health and Beauty Products to Fitness and Automotive accessories. Merchants who own Shopify stores can also sell physically using Shopify POS. It keeps your inventory, both online and physical, synchronised so that you can easily manage your store from one account.

Shopify facilitates its user with not only the option of building stores for their businesses but also allow them to buy an already built store from Exchange.

Building a store

Shopify is a cloud-based network that allows business owners to design the store and sell their products on this platform from anywhere in the world. It is structured in a way that is easy to use and anyone can explore its features and tools. Let’s have a look at some of its vital elements:

1. Integral Features

  • Shopify store features are easy to use and can be customised following the business requirements. It includes templates (you can design your profile with desired colors, fonts, and pictures and illustrate your store the way you want), integrated and accelerated payment processing, marketing tools, and SEO tools. Additionally, you may have access to Shopify APIs to advance your store.

2. Shopify App Store

  • The best item is the Shopify App Store that has a bunch of amazing apps that help you to customise your store without involving yourself in codes. These apps are built by third-party developers and provide you stress-free access to innovative tools and features to enhance your store.

3. Shopify Expert Marketplace

  • If you want to keep your leg up in the market and want to have more custom solutions for your business, you can avail the benefits from the Shopify Expert marketplace. You can hire designers and developers from this marketplace to get a professional result.


Buying a store

The plus point of Shopify is, if you are not interested to build the store, you can also buy it through the exchange that is a Shopify’s marketplace where one can buy or sell already built E-commerce businesses. You do not have to linger the plans of your business and start selling from day one. You would not have to spend a lot of time on designing the store, and you can get it all done.

What would you get with a Shopify plan?

Shopify provides a strong support system to its merchants so that they operate their core business functions smoothly. Shopify pricing varies with different plans. All Shopify plans offer you;

1. A Storefront

  • When you get Shopify log in you will get an online storefront that you can design as per your desires. You may select already made themes and website templates from Shopify Theme Store. You upload your products and display them in the storefront, create blog posts, web pages, etc. Shopify POS App is also given to its users with the plan, who register their store in the admin so that merchants can sell their products in person wherever they are.

2. A Payment Processor

  • For hassle-free payment processing, Shopify Payments works in a way that saves your time and efforts in engaging multiple transactions in one platform. Though, it also provides 100s of Hosted, Self-Hosted and Non-Hosted payment gateways. Every Payment gateway has a different fee structure. Shopify Checkout is the best converting checkout that owns every actionable insight and helps to build a loyal audience.

3. A Shipping Partner

  • Shopify shipping upkeeps simplified shipping tools within store account. For the United States and Canadian stores post rates are added by default. For Australia and United Kingdom flat rates are set by default and you have the option to set other rates accordingly. Shopify also permits you to set up shipping as per your needs from order fulfilment to schedule pick up and drop off for your package.

4. A Back Office

  • Shopify assists its merchants 24/7 with its Community Forums, Help Centers and Contact Support. It helps you with educational resources like blog posts, video tutorials and webinars. Their servers continuously work to keep you always updated with the Mobile App, Shopify App Store and your Business Analytics and Reports.

5. Marketing Headquarters

  • Shopify aids you to attract the audience and boost traffic to your store through its SEO tools and blogs through its marketing platform. It also helps you to run Campaigns that helps you to promote your products to the target market.

How would Shopify help you?

Shopify lets its merchants tailor a customised online store to sell globally using multiple medians, like social media, online marketplaces, web, mobile, offshore and inshore locations. Its built-in features provide its users with the suppleness to run their business from anywhere in the world. Like, just one store, benefits your global presence… Isn’t it incredible?

Shopify’s stores are structured with the features to manage products and orders, inventory management, payments, and shipping. It works in a way that you display products on the store, customers search and find their desired product on your store, you engage with them, sell and ship your product, and get paid. This is how Shopify works, and you get all in one. You are not supposed to work on multiple resources and waste time and money in assembling them… How convenient!!!

Shopify stores can also be linked with other business accounts, for an example, Shopify integrates with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, etc. This provides real-time sync of products, Inventory, and orders between Shopify and other business accounts.  How opportune it is to connect your multiple business accounts and get a reach to worldwide customers.

Hence, Shopify is a robust platform to magnify and escalates your business to the maximum audience with a hassle free business functions.

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Taib Bilal
April 10, 2024
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