Why Digitalizing Administrative Processes Is important?

Why Digitalizing Administrative Processes Is important?

For several years, the digitalization of administrative processes has interested many companies. Small and medium-sized companies have resorted to this transformation in order to optimize the services offered and to ensure speed. This approach is not limited to the IT field. It extends to every important branch of the management of an establishment, such as accounting and finance.

The benefits of the digital transformation of administrative processes

Digitization is becoming an indispensable tool for all companies that wish to evolve at the pace of technology. This operation is carried out in several stages and improves the performance of establishments. The transformation towards the digital world allows, first of all, the reduction of the processing time of the customers' requests. This process is also a secret weapon for securing data.

Entrepreneurs who have recently started a business can also benefit from reduced expenses. Digitization limits the costs of processing information. With this more modern technique, you will avoid frequent errors such as when entering data. Finally, it is clear that the use of digital tools in the working world increases productivity and profitability.

Digitization: what impact on accounting?

As mentioned above, the digital transition affects several vital branches of a business. Whether it is the creation of your establishment, its organization or the management of your personnel, everything can now be done in an easy way with technology. Thus, this tool allows you to optimize your accounting.

The profession of online accountant provides considerable advantages to the leaders of the brands. This professional constantly monitors the smooth running of financial management.

The implementation of a digitalization of the accounting helps the managers to have access to the data anywhere and anytime. It also facilitates communication with external collaborators, especially for companies that wish to expand their area of intervention.

The main steps in the digitization of administrative processes

Before proceeding with the digitalization of administrative processes, a few steps are required. A digitization project starts with the diagnosis of the internal organization. This step is used to analyze all the activities to be transformed within the company.

After that, you can launch directly into the transition itself. For example, you can digitize administrative documents. Last but not least, you have to inform your employees about these digital changes while promoting their skills.

Choose iPaidThat to manage your business
First launched in 2017, iPaidThat is an effective solution for businesses and CPAs. The main function of this software is to collect and edit invoices. It offers a certain facilitation of the tasks involved in managing finances.

Since its creation, this digital tool has undergone several evolutions in order to meet the needs of companies. It offers various functionalities for a modern and practical use.

The essentials of iPaidThat's features

iPaidThat is specially designed for companies wishing to improve their financial, administrative and accounting management. Through this digital platform, the collection of supplier invoices is done in a simple and efficient way. To avoid the risk of fraud and errors, this tool automatically recovers the payment receipts.

This application also allows a bank synchronization. It gives you access to your account at any time via your email on your smartphone. You can always check your expenses and receipts while controlling irregularities with your customers. To better manage your expense reports, iPaidThat has a smart scan. This feature offers the ability to track reimbursements, determine business expenses and organize expenses.

Rita Nazarian from iPaidThat

iPaidThat is a SaaS that allows you to simplify and automate the accounting management of your company. iPaidThat's mission is to provide managers with a simple and reliable solution that automatically collects your invoices, compares them with your bank and notifies you if you forget, so you can monitor your cash flow in real time!

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Taib Bilal
April 5, 2024
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