3 Advanced Tips to Manage Multiple PPC accounts on Amazon

3 Advanced Tips to Manage Multiple PPC accounts on Amazon

However, with proper organization and the right tools, it is possible to streamline the process.

Here are some suggestions that marketing agencies can employ to manage multiple brand accounts effectively:

  • Set up a clear campaign structure
  • Administrator account in Amazon console
  • Multi-Account Executive in PPC software

Set up a clear PPC campaign structure

Setting up a clear and consistent campaign structure for multiple brand accounts on Amazon involves creating separate campaigns and ad groups for each brand.

Keyword Research

Normally it starts with identifying the different product categories and product ads formats you want to do. After that, performing keywords research that align with the brands will be the second step.

you could run multiple strategies: Automatic, Manual or both.

But no matter which strategy, focus on search term that have high search volume and estimated conversion rates. And then add these keywords with good performance to the listing you segmented and monitor their regularly.

To find an exact keyword match is better to inspect data found from a broad match campaign. It is the best way to choose keywords for ppc. So when you move from broad match to phrase match to exact match, you’re eliminating some negative keywords not matching targeted audiences. On this stage, don’t forget to add negative keywords to refine targeting and ensure your ads appear for the most relevant search queries. By using exact match, you narrow down the customers to those searching exclusively for your keyword.

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Make use of the Amazon console

Now whether you are a seller, vendors or agencies with Amazon DSP accounts, you can manage and link different advertising accounts through the Amazon Ads console by your administrator account. This enables you centralized management of multiple accounts and make it easier to switch and access these accounts.

Advantage of administrator account

Billing Management

Advertisers and agencies can view and manage payment information, invoices, and expenses for different accounts, enabling better control over advertising costs and budgets.

Dashboard and Reporting

Through the administrator account, advertisers and agencies can view brand analytics and performance metrics for all linked accounts on a single dashboard. This makes it easier to perform cross-account data analysis, monitoring, and report generation, facilitating better optimization of advertising campaigns.

Multiple Markets Management

If you are managing ads in multiple countries, you can link multiple accounts for different markets to one administrator account. The administrator account allows you to centralize the management of your advertising accounts across various countries. Especially when it comes to the budget control of different locations.

amazon manageraccount
Source from Amazon DSP

Leverage an automation PPC software

Except for using Amazon Ads console, leverage automation PPC software specifically designed for managing PPC campaign. These ads management tools can assist with tasks such as bid optimization, keyword research, performance tracking etc. Utilizing automation PPC software can greatly benefit marketing agencies that are handling multiple brand accounts.

How can the PPC tools help you?

Let the AI do the legwork for you

A PPC automation software will be a huge asset in managing multiple accounts, especially if it’s run by machine learning. Just like rule-based models, the AI will execute repetitive operational tasks that don’t need human intervention. Unlike rule-based models, it also has the ability to learn from its past experience and has an objective. So its mission will be to improve your performance, or spend your budget, or anything else you want the software to do.

In the m19 software, all you need to do is to set up a strategy with ASINs and indicate the AI what your desired ACoS is for this group of ASINs. Then it runs on itself. Of course, you can adjust and guide the AI as much as you want. But you can also let it run on its own for brands that require little strategy or maintenance. The AI will do the recurring operational tasks for you, enabling you to save LOTS of time.

Multi-Account Executive Dashboard

Now you have the ability to combine these accounts and view performance in different locations on a global scale. Instead of manually merging multiple file from Amazon tracking across your accounts, you can easily obtain a consolidated report and compare the dynamics of various parameters easily from one PPC report.

amazon analytics for multi accounts
Source from m19 Dashboard

Bulk actions

These tools often provide features for multi account executive like bulk actions, which allow you to edit keywords and budgets on multiple campaigns simultaneously. With bulk editing function, you can make changes to multiple campaigns at once. This saves time and effort, so you don’t have to make individual changes for each campaign separately.

For example, you can adjust bids, update keyword bidding, or modify blacklists across multiple campaigns in a single action with m19’s Bulk actions feature.

m19 has a bulk actions feature to change the general settings of strategies and to update seed KWs/products and seed Blacklists. It allows you to create and edit campaigns in bulk.

Note: “Seed keyword” refers to a specific keyword that you want to include in the targeting strategy for an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

m19 advanced strategies on amazon
Source from m19 dashboard

You can upload and update ASINs, seed keywords, targeted products, and keyword blacklists for multiple campaigns at scale. This simplify the process of setting up and modifying campaigns, especially when managing a large number of brand accounts.

upload amazon catalog data

Using m19's bulk actions is an optimal approach to enhance operational efficiency when managing campaigns, particularly for marketing agencies handling substantial workloads and multiple accounts.

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our experts at m19.com. We are dedicated to providing the support you need.

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Xuan Xie
April 9, 2024
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