Avoid Cannibalization with Top of Search Rankings Optimizer

Avoid Cannibalization with Top of Search Rankings Optimizer

If you run a business and are selling on Amazon, then you know how important is it to optimize your Amazon ppc strategies while keeping costs under control. Especially if you find yourself not being able to give visibility to all of the products because you are spending a substantial budget on some keywords that already perform well in organic search results, which can result in less share of voice too.

To help you solve these problems, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking feature in our Amazon PPC software called Top of Search Rankings Optimizer, available exclusively on the m19 platform. Amazon sellers now can decide to spend less on given keywords when they rank already well organically, so as to avoid appearing twice on top of search.

More powerful Search Optimization

We’ve been hard at work developing a solution that addresses these challenges. With the Top of Search Rankings Optimizer, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Reduced costs on Amazon keywords

Our new feature allows you to spend less on keywords when they rank already well organically. Say goodbye to overspending on keywords and optimize your ad budget effectively.

2. Minimized Organic Sales Cannibalization

With this rankings optimization tool, you can avoid appearing twice on top of search results. It is meant to reduce organic sales cannibalization from PPC and ensure that your advertising works well. So you don’t have to pay again for the same product as it performs well.

3. Increased Exposure for your other products

Consequently, it’s an opportunity to give more exposure to other products that are not well ranked organically, since it creates space for other valuable products from your brand. Beware though: you can’t force Amazon’s algorithm to show one of your other products in this empty space. This rank will be opened to everyone’s bids, you just have to win it.

How to control your advertising budget on Amazon?

Let us show you an example from the Amazon platform.

On the “kettle” keyword, I run a sponsored campaign for my green vintage kettle. My ASIN has won the bid, so it appears in the first row as a Sponsored product. But we also see that this same green vintage kettle was already appearing in the first row for organic rankings. It appears twice on the Amazon page. Once in sponsored position and once in organic position.

Which is fine if your objective is to get as much visibility as possible or if you want to have the greatest share of voice and beat competition.

But at the same time, you will end up paying although your product already had goods chances to be clicked and sold organically.

top of search rankings optimizer is off

With our feature Top of Search Rankings Optimizer active, it will avoid appearing twice and reduce the Amazon advertising spend. On the other hand, if you sponsor another ASIN on the same keyword “kettle”, then you give it more chances to appear in this very first row of results.

This feature is useful for any seller, any vendor or agency that has a brand with products that rank on the top for organic positions.

top of search rankings optimizer is on

How to activate the feature?

First, It is necessary to understand what a “strategy” is in the m19 PPC software.

A strategy is the combination of a group of products and an ACoS target. Once you have defined it, it will automatically create Amazon advertising campaigns and manage all the keywords and biddings for you.

acos target on amazon

Now if we go inside one of the strategies for kettles: as you can see from the picture, in this strategy we promote 3 ASINs and one brand with an ACoS target of 30%. Inside the strategy we can check all the keywords where we do spend and promote the products.

You just need to activate the Top of Search Rankings Optimizer with a simple switch.

top of search rankings optimizer feature

When the feature is active, users are also able to see what is the impact of the feature on their advertising, spend and sales. The m19 PPC platform has a full reporting tab available and easy to use.

Get started with us

If you're an Amazon seller looking to streamline your advertising campaigns, reduce costs, and maximize exposure for your brand, the Top of Search Rankings Optimizer is a game-changer. By leveraging your organic rankings and eliminating duplicate appearances in search results, this feature empowers you to optimize your advertising spend.

Sign up for free trial to get started with your ppc manager Top of Search Rankings Optimizer.

Our Customer Success team will then be glad to show you the platform and discuss the best scenarios to activate the feature or not.

Beware though: This feature has been designed for an advanced use of Amazon PPC tools. it’s a great opportunity to fine-tune the performance of your campaigns, though we do not recommend it if you are just starting with selling on Amazon, or if you don’t want to spend time managing your campaigns.

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Xuan Xie
April 9, 2024
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